FEMLISP Homepage

FEMLISP - a Common Lisp Framework for Finite Element Methods

Short description:

FEMLISP is a Common Lisp framework for solving partial differential equations with the help of the finite element method (FEM).


Sample applications:


The current version of FEMLISP is 2-2-0. It has been tested and verified to work with SBCL on Linux. Previous versions have also been tested and verified to work with other CL implementations (CMUCL, Clozure CL, Allegro CL, Lispworks, and Scieneer CL) on other operating systems (Mac OS X, Windows).

For more information, look at the User Manual.

Installation and download:

The project is hosted at the FSF's server Savannah. Follow the installation instructions in the User Manual.


There is a mailing list where you can get help as well as announcements about new Femlisp developments.

Nicolas Neuss, 2018-09-06